With so many outfitters to choose from, the choice is yours!

At Cavarra Guiding & Hunting Services, we take it personal. We don't just take a deposit and put you in a position hoping for game. We become involved with your hunt. From getting to know you on a personal level, understanding your level of experience, discovering your expectations and most importantly, increasing your odds of a hunt to remember.

Having been in the hunting industry for over 35 years, Owner and Head Guide Kirk Cavarra has narrowed down all the years experience and assembled some of the best properties and locations to put you on, increasing your success of harvesting game. Whether a dark-timber basin, an X-field, a secret Honey-Hole, a gem of a water property with an ice-eater running into January or farmland in South Carolina for B&C Whitetails, we don't just settle. We make it happen!

Finally, if that isn't enough, Kirk wants you to be completely satisfied. He has been on many guided hunts himself and been disappointed by lack of game or no qaulity shots. Cavarra Guiding Services offers a one-of-it's kind Harvest Guarantee Program - You don't harvest, basically, you don't pay!!!!